Workshop Kitchen+Culture
Isn’t Just A Restaurant. We’re A Movement

Perfectly located in Calgary’s storied The Grand, and named after the Theatre’s original ‘Workshop 14,’ this is where people and personalities converge in the uninhibited pursuit of life’s simplest pleasures: food, drink and friends.

We are a gathering place for artists, performers, bon vivants, socialites, bohemians, intellectuals, freaks, geeks, foodies, working stiffs and average Joes. Born of a healthy disdain for the status quo, Workshop is a beacon for the hungry, the thirsty and the adventurous.

Deconstructed, liberated, refined and revered; handcrafted originals inspired by tradition but enhanced by innovation; a culture that celebrates creativity and embraces non-conformity…at Workshop, we are equal parts technician and artisan. Our tools of care, precision and respect mix with materials that are real, fresh and whole. The result is seductively memorable, distinctly original food and drink.

Infused through all we do is culture. Food and wine culture. A culture of excellence. Theatre and performing arts culture and our favorite culture – counterculture.

Welcome, friends.